June 2012

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The SIPSorcery server will be moving to a new host in one week on Sunday the 17th of June 2012 at 0200 PST. The move is to take advantage of some synergies with another SIP service, there will be more information on that further down the track. The consequence of the server move will be that the IP address of the service will change from to Ideally all users should be using sipsorcery.com¬†and it’s recommended that anyone that may have configured their device with the SIPSorcery server’s IP address now switch to the host name.

For users that are using sipsorcery.com NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. For users that want to use the IP address then you will need to update your devices to use to the new IP address AFTER the 17th of June. Both the old and new servers will both work up until the the 21st of June 2012 after which the old IP address and server will be de-commissioned.

During the migration their will be a short outage of between 15 and 20 minutes while the database is migrated to the new server. The SIPSorcery Twitter account will be updated prior to and subsequent to the migration.

If anyone has any concerns regarding the migration please email admin@sipsorcery.com.