Building a video softphone part VI

After a brief interlude (nearly 3 years) I recently got motivated to look at using the SIPSorcery SIP stack to build a video softphone. Of course there are already a number of fully featured video softphones available so the project was for fun rather than to solve any particular problem.

Unlike my previous attempts this time I have been successful and the image below shows the video softphone prototype on a call with CounterPath’s Bria Softphone (that’s me chatting to Max).


I did end up using Microsoft’s Media Foundation (MF) for the getting samples from my web cam but I gave up on trying to use the MF H264 codec and instead used the VP8 codec from the webproject. A motivation to use the VP8 codec is that it was the initial codec proposed for WebRTC and at some point I’d like to experiment with placing calls from the softphone to a browser.

The video softphone is available in at the sipsorcery codeplex repository under the sipsorcery-softphonev2 folder. All the MF and libvpx integration is contained in the sipsorcery-media folder.

The new softphone is purely experimental and video calls do not even work with the only other softphone I tested with, jitsi, due to a VP8 framing problem. But it is a working implementation of a Windows video softphone so may prove useful for anyone who wants to do some work in those areas.


  1. Neil’s avatar

    Hi Aaron, Are there any updates on this project?
    Have you made any progress since Jan 2015?
    Do you require a beta tester?


  2. admin’s avatar

    Yep I’ve been doing bits and pieces and messing around with things. That being said I don’t see the project ever getting to a fully fledged softphone. There are already lots of those around and to be honest I suspect the audience for them is small. I can’t think of a time in the last decade where I’ve used a softphone for a real call…



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