New Accounts

The opportunity to create new accounts on will be available later today (8th Sep 2009). We will be accepting another approximately 50 accounts and on a first in first serve basis. The reason for the restrictions on new accounts at the moment is primarily down to load and secondly down to keeping a more controlled environment while some reliability issues are sorted out.

Because of the limits on the number of new accounts we are now requesting that users stick to one account each, there is no advantage to having multiple accounts. Email addresses will now also need to be verified before an account is activated to stop people setting up high numbers of spurious accounts.

I will make a brief post on this blog when new accounts are enabled.


  1. Tom Young’s avatar

    Have an account at mysipswitch and would like to add another acct., but seems new accounts need to be established at sipsorcery, which it seems I cannot use, since I use Ubuntu not windows.

    Can you help?


    1. sipsorcery’s avatar

      There’s a plugin called moonlight that may help you. I’d suggest asking on the forums as to whether anyone else can use the sipsorcery client on Linux. Other than that there isn’t anything else available apart from writing your own, sorry.



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