New Accounts Now Enabled (while stocks last)

New accounts can now be created on As mentioned in the last post only 68 new accounts will be accepted after which another temporary break will be enforced.


  1. Roger’s avatar

    Thanks for the new account!


  2. Tra’s avatar

    thanks! i just signed up for one, but when i try loging back in, it keeps giving me error for pw. is there a way i can recover my pw? thanks again!


  3. fan’s avatar

    Thanks , I wanna oepn a new account


  4. Roger’s avatar

    Ahh 🙁 I been trying to get an account here for a few weeks now, but no luck. I think the accounts are gone already right after you posted. Any more new ones coming?



  5. Scott’s avatar

    Looks like i missed the window.
    Please let me know when i can get an account



  6. vette’s avatar

    Believe it or not, it’s not that hard to run your own instance of sipsorcery. Since I couldn’t get an account over the weekend, I installed it and it works great.

    very nice job Aaron


  7. Tra’s avatar

    never mind..all works great now. just waiting on getting an account on the forums so i can start posting some ?’s..


  8. Tra’s avatar

    wow..never mind again. no probs. keep up all the great work!



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