Next New Account Window

Sorry to those that missed out yesterday we thought all those waiting would have squeezed in but it looks like there was a bit more pent up demand than anticipated. It took a few hours for all the accounts to go so it wasn’t a stampede. Assuming the server behaves itself over the next week we will open another window for 100 new accounts on Monday the 14th of September.

This trickle approach is only planned to be temporary and once some technical issues are solved we will go back to allowing new account creations as per normal. At this stage we don’t know when that will be but the hope is for weeks rather than months.


  1. Davies’s avatar

    Hello Aaron,
    I was one of those who happen to registered yesterday, after waiting all those time. Can you please let know, if there is any reason I cannot log into my account today?


  2. sipsorcery’s avatar

    No there’s no reason. Your account looks to be looging in ok.


  3. Eric’s avatar

    I was also waiting to apply, I set and refreshed the page for several hours in the early AM then went to bed, got up and had to take my wife to hospital with chest pains, by the time i got home it was too late…oh well…can you please post a time that you will be opening the gate so i can set an alarm next time?



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