Web site moved to Windows Azure

The sipsorcery web site is now running from the Windows Azure cloud. Previously the web site was running from one of the EC2 SIP server instances which wasn’t ideal as if that SIP server had an issue it meant it was not possible to access the web site.

There are no configuration changes required to use the Silverlight client on the web site, it will still be accessible on the same URL’s sipsorcery.com or www.sipsorcery.com. However if anyone had the previous sipsorcery.com redirect to https://www.sipsorcery.com/sipsorcery.html bookmarked they will need to modify it to http://www.sipsorcery.com/. If anyone is wondering why the page is no longer available over https it’s because it makes it neater for Windows Azure to have two applications, one that hosts the web services on an https end point and one that deals up static pages on an http end pont. In the new deployment even though the Silverlight client is accessed from an http endpoint it will still use the web services over https so is secure as far as web service communications from the client to the server.

A change is required for anyone using the call management service which was previously available on http and https end points and is now only available on an https endpoint. The URL for web callbacks is now https://www.sipsorcery.com/callmanager.svc/webcallback?user=username&number=1234567.

  1. Pete M’s avatar

    if i go to http://www.sipsorcery.com in my address bar it goes directly to the https:// site and page is not displayed.


    1. sipsorcery’s avatar

      It’s not the sipsorcery web servers doing that redirect. Try clearing your browser’s history maybe the redirect is cached there.



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