Over the last few weeks I have been working on implementing the SIP Event RFC’s, focusing on the dialog and presence event packages. The main motivation for the work is a new application I am working on but one useful side effect is that SIP user agents that support presence can now do so with sipsorcery SIP accounts.

SIPSorcery Presence

  1. erick joaquin’s avatar

    hi aaron,
    loud cheers to your contribution to the sip community!
    with presence, any plan to start BETA testing that with the community?


    1. sipsorcery’s avatar

      Yep the presence functionality has been available on the main sipsorcery servers since the blog post. Add one of your sipsorcery SIP accounts as a Contact on your CounterPath softphone and you should be in business.

      I haven’t tested it across any user agents except CounterPath’s Bria and I’d be interested in feedback about whether it works with other devices.

      When using with the Bria the sipsorcery server doesn’t support the ability to publish status updates, i.e. the setting on the Bria where you can choose Available, Busy, Away etc. That requires an additional couple of RFC’s to support and I’m not sure if any SIP user agents except CounterPath’s even support that feature.



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