New dial plan wizard to ease Voxalot users moving to SIPSorcery

There’s been a bit of buzz around the VoIP ecosystem lately with the news that Voxalot are closing down their service from the 31 Dec 2011. I’ve put together a guide for all Voxalot users considering SIPSorcery as a replacement service. I’d strongly encourage any existing Voxalot users to check the guide out and here at SIPSorcery we are hungry for your business.

One feature of SIPSorcery that some Voxalot and other users have mentioned as being a problem is the need to construct dial plans in Ruby script. To those of us that have a programming bent the ability to use Ruby scripts allows the creation of almost infinitely powerful and flexible dial plans but understandably for those without a programming bent that just want a few speed dials or custom rules it can all be a bit daunting. Voxalot provides a much more limited way to express dial plans but also a simpler way at least up until now.

I’ve been working for a while on new dial plan wizards for SIPSorcery and the latest one which I’ve baptised the “Simple Wizard” is my attempt to combine the power of the SIPSorcery Ruby dial plans with a much simpler wizard like interface. The new wizard is in the final stages of development and I hope to release it later this month but given that Voxalot users are currently weighing up their options I thought I’d give a preview. In the sections below I’ve included a screenshot of the Voxalot way of doing things and compared it to the SIPSorcery Simple Wizard way of doing things.

Add Speed Dial

List Speed Dials

Add Smart Dial Rule

List Smart Dial Rules

As well as being able to use the Simple Wizard to construct dial plans for outgoing calls it will also be possible to construct incoming dial plan rules. For incoming rules the pattern gets applied to the From header. The incoming rules can be applied to an individual SIPSorcery SIP account or all SIP accounts.

There is a lot more detail to come with the Simple Wizard but for Voxalot users considering their options I’m confident that it will make building SIPSorcery dial plans simpler and more flexible than the various Voxalot screens.

  1. Voxman’s avatar

    How do you cover number length a plans like ?

    _[45689]XXXXXXX ${EXTEN} Pennytel DID

    Begins with one of 5 digits and is exactly 8 digits long.

    Or selecting between AU and US 1800 calls

    50 _180XXXXXXX ${EXTEN} MyNetFone DID
    51 _180XXXX ${EXTEN} MyNetFone DID

    55 _1800XXXXXXX ${EXTEN} SipPhone
    56 _1866XXXXXXX ${EXTEN} SipPhone
    57 _1877XXXXXXX ${EXTEN} SipPhone
    58 _1888XXXXXXX ${EXTEN} SipPhone


    1. sipsorcery’s avatar

      With the sipsorcery Ruby dialplans you can use regular expressions to match the incoming number (or in fact any other part of the incoming call request). For your examples the equivalent regular expressions would be:

      _[45689]XXXXXXX as a regex is /[45689]d{7}
      _180XXXXXXX as a regex is /180d{7}/
      _180XXXX as a regex is /180d{4}/
      _1800XXXXXXX as a regex is /1800d{7}/
      _1866XXXXXXX as a regex is /1866d{7}/
      _1877XXXXXXX as a regex is /1877d{7}/
      _1888XXXXXXX as a regex is /1888d{7}/

      In fact for the last four you could combine them into a single regex of:



    2. Voxman’s avatar

      Currently I have 2 spa2102s registered to the same Voxalot account.
      With incoming calls all 4 circuits ring and the first one to answer gets the call.
      Will Sipsorcery give me the same?


      1. sipsorcery’s avatar



      2. Voxman’s avatar

        Why won’t you do voicemail?

        It’s a fantastic part of Voxalot where I only require one number for voicemail retreival no matter howmany VSPs I am registered to.

        It has nothing to do with proxy voice circuits as you seemed to suggest.
        Did you know that voxalot can be set for re-invites so my voice circuit is direct but if ever there is a codec mismatch only then voxalot would transcode?

        With voice mail the ATA is signalled so I know voicemail is waiting.

        If you offer this also with multiple logins then you should get most Voxalot orphans, even at 5 bucks more ;-(

        These were the services I really found that made voxalot so useful to my family.


        1. sipsorcery’s avatar

          We don’t do voicemail because it would mean running an additional server, such as Asterisk, to provide the facility. It would add to the cost and there are lots of free voicemail services that will work with sipsorcery to provide exactly the same function. A few Voxalot users have already gone down this road and have reported it to be fairly seamless see for more info.

          The re-invite facility in Asterisk (and Voxalot) is not very robust. Some end user SIP devices don’t handle re-INVITEs very well meaning the audio will need to stay proxyed. That being said if your particular set of providers and devices worked ok with re-INVITES then Voxalot could achieve the same effect as sipsorcery.


          1. Voipman’s avatar

            It’s not fully clear. Do I set my SPA setting “Voice Mail Server” with my new callcentric sip number, with no other settings?

            Why is callcentric free… are adverts played?


          2. sipsorcery’s avatar

            The easiest way would be to set your SPA’s voicemail server to any old number such as 111 and then in your sipsorcery dialplan forward calls to 111 to your Callcentric voicemail. That saves the need to have your SPA connected to two different servers.

            There are no ads with Callcentric. I guess it’s a marketing vehicle for them. There are other VoIP companies that offer free voicemail,, and more do as well; ribbit even offered a free voicemail with a text transcription service at one point, don’t know if theys till do. The sipsorcery service was designed right from the outset to make it easy to integrate and combine different services from different providers. We prefer to put effort into making that easier rather than duplicating existing services, in this case voicemail.



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