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App Server Calls Failing

When I placed my sipsorcery test call this morning I got the fast busy tone. It wasn’t a shock given the issues that still exist with the dialplan processing and I assumed it must have been a memory or thread leak that got out of hand overnight.

When I logged into the sipsorcery server and checked the App Server process it’s resource utilisation was low which was a suprise. Checking the logs revealed an error message connecting to the MySQL database stating that the database already had too many connections.

That’s a new one. The issue was fixed by restarting the App Server so it was definitely that process that had a large number of connections open. The question is what opened them all? There is a new dialplan application that allows database queries but it should close each connection after use. This is another issue that will require some more investigation.

Update: Re-occurrence of this issue at around 25 Jul 2009 2200 UTC. I had left the MySQL admin console open so I could check which connections were open however it seems to have had its connection knocked off in the meantime so still none the wiser about the cause. Will now try restricting the number of connections on each of the different connection strings.