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Service Crash

Approximately an hour ago the Amazon instance hosting the sipsorcery service froze/crashed. It happened as I was attempting to clean up the cdr’s database table by deleting the older cdr records. There were nearly half a million call records in the table which was hampering the ability to scroll through them in the Silverlight interface. It was a fairly innocuous operation but unfortunately it’s had some significant consequences.

The bad news is that at this point it looks like all the data from the sipsorcery service has been lost. That includes all user accounts, SIP providers, dial plans etc. The reason it has been lost is that I made a mistake when setting up the MySQL database and the data directory was sitting on the C: drive and not the F: drive. The F drive in this case was an Amazon ElastiC Block Volume (EBS) which survives across instance reboots. Somehow when I installed MySQL I configured it so that only the directory for the MySQL binaries was on the F volume but the data directory was on the C drive.

The good news is the service is back up and running (now with the MySQL database on the F: drive). It’s a relatively quick operation to recover in the event of a crash like this since the IP address and volume can be re-attached to a new instance very easily.

Unfortunately anyone wanting to use the sipsorcery service will need to re-create their account and dialplans etc. I realise it’s a real pain and I lost all my settings as well so am also suffering.