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In the works update

A quick update on works in progress.

Prototype is up and running. The SimpleDB transaction times are definitely longer, in the range of 100 to 200ms rather than the <10ms of a relational database, but with a bit of tuning and making some dialplan mechanisms more efficient it should be possible to make any call delays impercetible.

The NSsh code has been successfully incorporated into the sipsorcery monitoring server and is up and running. The filter console works just as well over ssh as it does with telnet. To date I’ve only tested with cygwin (openssh) and Putty but there is no reason to think it wouldn’t work with any SSH client.

With the sipsorcery service being relatively stable for long periods my mind has been able to wander over other ideas that pop into it from time-to-time. I got interested in playing around with the integration between an Asterisk server again, I’ve done this in the past from time-to-time. It’s very straight forward to do the integration but the tricky bit is making it manageable for multiple users. I’ve done a lot of work in the past with an Asterisk interfacing technology called FastAGI and was dwelling over ways to wire that up for sipsorcery users. I then recalled a project I’d stumbled across in the past called Adhearsion that uses FastAGI (in combination with the Asterisk Management Interface) to present a way to drive Asterisk dialplans using Ruby. That would tie in very nicely with sipsorcery dialplans which are aldo Ruby based so I’ve started feeling around how difficult that would be to integrate. Signs are promising so far although only afew hours have been spent on the whole investigation.

REST Interface
The imminent closure of the mysipswitch service has caused consternation for a few people especially those that don’t use Windows and therefore can’t use the sipsorcery Silverlight GUI. I’ve already published a SOAP interface for the sipsorcery provisioning service and am now hoping to get a REST interface published in the next few days. The idea being to provide a quick and easy way to create an alternative AJAX based interface for sipsorcery and encourage someone to undertake the effort.