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SSH now available

Access to log messages is now available using SSH. To access simply ssh to and login using the same username and password you login to the Silverlight GUI with.

The reason it’s taken a while to get SSH integrated is that yet another bleeding edge open source project has been used, in this case NSsh (many thanks to Luke Quinane the project founder), and there have been a few teething issues to overcome. Specifically the NSsh server needed to have a few extra access control mechanisms added to it in order to be able to survive on the internet. SSH being a well known service attracts a lot of attention from script kiddies trying all sorts of exploits such as buffer overflows, malformed packets and denial of service.

One consequence of the SSH server being so new is that I have limited the number of simultaneous clients it will acept to 20 and no more than 2 from any one IP address. So while it’s now open for connections to anyone that wants to monitor their sipsorcery messages if you get an immediate disconnect when you attempt to reach it that will most likely be becuase it’s busy. Once it’s proven itself and I have a better idea of the load it generates I’ll hopefully be able to lift the limits.

Update: I neglected to mention that I have only tested the server with Cygwin (openssh) and Putty clients and public key authentication is not supported.