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Is Amazon’s EC2 encountering it’s own scalability issues?

I was hunting around on the Amazon EC2 forums regarding an issue I’m having bundling a new AMI and decided I’d do a quick search to see if anyone else was having issues with unresponsive instances caused by DHCP leases. Lo and behold there are quite a few and they seem to be growing. This thread is a fairly typical example Instance not responding. I didn’t think to search the forums previously, which in hindsight was pretty silly, as I was logging the issue with Amazon premium support and assumed they would be a better source of information than the public forum.

It’s been a tough battle to get the sipsorcery server stable with the memory leak issues in the DLR or IronRuby library, it’s not clear which depsite some extensive investigations, so to finally solve that only to then have the underlying server start causing issues is annoying to say the least.

Despite the EC2 issues it’s definitely a worthwhile goal to have two redundant sipsorcery servers so I’ll keep owkring towards that but if the instability on the EC2 continues then I may have no choice but to migrate as soon as something better becomes apparent.

Update 16 Dec 2009: Had yet another re-occurrence of the EC2 instance losing its DHCP lease and becoming inaccessible. I’m going to add every incident to this thread on the EC2 forums Instance not responding.