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New Status Page

I’ve spent most of this week incorporating rrdtool into the software used to monitor the sipsorcery server. I have managed to get it working successfully and the new Status page currently displays the latest graphs of the SIP OPTIONS responses to the sipsorcery and the two sipwizard servers, the latter are the two test servers being used to test out redundant operation with an SQL Azure database service.

The green line on each of the graphs represents the response time in milliseconds to the OPTIONS request sent from a monitoring server in Dublin, Ireland to the SIP Proxy on each of the monitored server. The red line is used to show any instances a server is detected as being down which occurs if 3 successive responses to an OPTIONS request occur, the requests are sent at 10 second intervals.

The plan is to expand what is being monitored to include the SIP Registrars, SIP App Servers (they are what process dialplan scripts), Databases and also statistics like number of dialplans processed, number of registrar bindings etc. Monitoring of the Proxy was done first at it the most important since it is the gateway to all the other services and if it fails no other services are accessible. It’s also a good indication as to the health of the server.