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SIP could be so much more…

Upon waking in his Lermoos chalet ready for a day’s skiing Chad was devastated to discover that a blizzard had closed the slopes and that even venturing outside would be extremely hazardous.

After waking Trixy, Brandon and Penelope to relay the bad news the group consensus was that the day should be spent watching back-to-back Bridget Jones movies. Luckily the chalet was fitted out with the latest in SIP based media players TV and helpfully had its SIP number on the top.

Chad immediately jumped on his mobile and dialled into his Netflix account (Netflix having seen the light and installed a SIP server plus allowed access from outside the US). Chad got through to the Netflix IVR.

Chad (huffily): “Bridget Jones.”

IVR: “There are two movies available with Bridget Jones in the title.”

Chad (even more huffily): “Both you stupid machine.”

IVR: “Say play or press 0 to start the streaming the movie”.

Not wanting to watch the movies on his mobile and thereby deprive his companions of such a pleasurable experience Chad pressed the transfer button on his phone and keyed in

IVR: “Do you wish to transfer control and media to the destination device? Press 1 for media only or 2 for both.”

Chad completely exasperated at talking to such a poorly programmed IVR presses 1.

A few seconds later the touchscreen TV comes to life and informs the viewers that a certain Chad would like to play a movie. Chad touches the TV to accept the call and shouts “Play” at his phone, no sooner having cuddled up to Trixy then the first frame of the all time classic jumps to life on the TV screen.