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Time to turn off and transfers now enabled on

I plan to turn off the server in the next couple of days. It has served it’s purpose of verifying a multi-server deployment and of SQL Azure integration. If anyone wants to preserve any information they have in the sipwizard system please do so within the next 24 hours (by midnight Monday 11 Jan 2010 UTC).

I have now also updated the sipsorcery system to the latest version of software which brings it up to the same state as the sipwizard system. There were a few little hiccups on the update which can be seen on the sipsorcery status graph at around Saturday 9 Jan 2010 2300 UTC. The software update also means transfers are now working, at least for the phones I have tested with, on The key point with to be aware of with sipsorcery’s handling of transfers is that blind transfers are passed through to the user agents to deal with and how different user agents handle them will vary especially if the user agent is a SIP Provider’s PBX server. Attended transfers, where the original call is put on hold and a new call dialled, are handled on the sipsorcery server and their behaviour should be a lot more predictable.

The sipsorcery system is hopefully now close to a point where it will be able to operate with redundant servers which will alleviate the outages the service has had due to the Amazon EC2 instance failing. The plan is to migrate to an SQL Azure database in the next couple of days and if all goes well with it a second sipsorcery server will be brought online shortly thereafter.