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SIP1 is a yo-yo at the moment

There have been 5 outages of in the last 24 hours which is verging on the ridiculous. I’ve even swapped IP addresses between sip1 and sip2 to see if the issue was constrained to one physical instance but that didn’t work.

I’m not getting much love from Amazon support Access outages seem to be caused by traffic volumes so at this point I’m not hopeful for smooth operation of sipsorcery.

My hypothesis is that an Amazon network element is blacklisting the sipsorcery server due to its traffic profile of lots of small UDP packets or something. The evidence being that only the server ever fails and it’s the one with 80% of the traffic. Also from the server logs I can see that the server doesn’t crash and the sipsorcery servers are keep running trying to talk to the outside World it’s just that no network traffic can get in and out.

The worry is that once the primary server fails the traffic levels will build up on the secondary server and it will get blacklisted as well.