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Voice Biometrics

Voxeo announced an initiative last week for voice biometrics which means being able to authenticate a caller based on their voice.

I gave it a spin using PerSay and after sorting out a tiny problem with the VXML referencing the wrong IP address the demo application worked exactly as specified. If anyone wants to try it out it can be reached on

[source language=”Ruby”]
when /^234$/ then sys.Dial("") # PerSay voice biometrics application.

The flow of the application is:

  • You will be asked to enter an ID using your phone’s keypad (don’t use 123456 as that’s the ID I used),
  • After the ID has been entered the application requests you to speak 0 to 9 three times to complete the enrollment process,
  • After the enrollment is complete hangup and then redial and this time after entering your ID you will be asked to speak 0 to 9 once and the PerSay server will authenticate your voice.

Ideally I’d like to have a voice biometrics application that didn’t need a numeric ID and could authenticate based on arbitrary conversation. That would make the process quicker and more flexible and open up applications such as being able to translate calls on the fly and associate each caller to a known identity.