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Network issues from Oz to sipsorcery

At the moment I’m unable to properly connect to the sipsorcery services or any other Amazon sites I have tested including I’m situated on the bottom of Australia (literally next stop Antarctica, the ice breakers sail past my house on the way out) so whatever network issue is causing the problem is hopefully not affecting too many people elsewhere around the globe. From the looks of the forums no one else has noticed an issue as normally there’s a big spike in activity whenever sipsorcery has a problem.

On a ping test to the sipsorcery SIP servers the packet loss is about 95% which is pretty weird but does indicate it’s probably a routing glitch somewhere rather than a cable cut. Hopefully it will clear itself up in a few hours. There seems to have been a few fun and games around in the last 24 hours WordPress downtime and I wouldn’t be surprised if the issue I’m experiencing has cascaded down from whatever caused that.