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Donations and new hosting arrangements

Many thanks to the nearly 50 people who donated what they could towards the proposed new hosting trial. The amount rasied was USD $825 which unfortunately didn’t quite get to the amount of USD $1169.89 needed for the first month’s installment so it won’t be possible to proceed with the original proposal in full.

Since the donations started another development has meant that the current sipsorcery hosting arrangements need to be halted at the end of this month. Consequently it’s now my intention to use the donations to purchase a single dedicated server with an alternative host and run the sipsorcery service from it. The donations total should cover the set up cost and the first two months and if a little more trickles in even the first three months. I am working on a plan to move the service to a self sustaining footing but for at least the next few months the donations will be critical.

The plan would be to over time incorporate the F5 load balancing and second server into the hosting arrangements, as funding permits, and enhance the the service and hopefully get to the magical five nines reliability. For the interim I’m confident that running the service from a single dedicated server will actually be a substantial improvement on the current situation from the current Amazon virtual servers which are now at a point where they are going down so often I’ve given up even keeping a log of them.

This new arrangement is a deviation from the original proposal for donations so if anyone would like a refund please email me at and I will be happy to oblige. I would ask that refund requests are made within the next week by Sunday the 23rd of May otherwise the money will have been committed.