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Web site moved and Silverlight client updated to version 4

The sipsorcery web site has been moved to a new host and DNS updated. The old site which is hosted on the Windows Azure cloud is still running but I will be shutting it down in a day or two once the DNS entry has had time to fully propagate. In addition the sipsorcery Silverlight client has been updated to Silverlight version 4 which means unless you’ve already updated the Silverlight plugin you will get prompted to do so next time you visit the sipsorcery web site. The update should be completely painless and take less than a minute.

These two changes are not related to yesterday’s IP address dramas or the future move to a new host for the sipsorcery SIP servers. They are related to some work I have been doing on a new product for sipsorcery and also the relatively high running costs of Windows Azure.

Apart from the Silverlight update there should be no impact to people from these two changes.

Update: The issue with the new account confirmations page failing has now been fixed.