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Switchboard Taster

Over the last 4 months I’ve been working on a new sipsorcery client application. It’s really the culmination of work that’s been going on for a lot longer than that and in fact I tried to write this sort of application 3 years ago in 2007. At that time the server software, which was then known as mysipswitch, wasn’t really up to the task and the attempt to write the client using AJAX also came up short due to limitations with javascript and the browser sandbox.

MySIPSwitch Call Management Screen Shot

And I almost forgot about the very crude prototype effort I did in August last year.

The application will be released for beta testing next week but I thought I’d provide a little taster of the interface in advance.

The client application is a SIP switchboard that leverages the power and flexibility of the Ruby dialplans as well as the ability of the sipsorcery SIP stack to be able to run entirely within a Silverlight browser application. The sole goal of the SIP Sorcery Switchboard is to manage inbound calls in much the same manner as many advanced PBX phone systems allow receptionists to do. Being a web application the SIP Sorcery Switchboard can do a lot of things a push button phone based switchboard can’t.

A word of warning as well. The switchboard application will be the first time that the sipsorcery project is going to offer a paid service offering. In other words while the beta will be free when the application goes into production there will be a charge for it and the intention is that a portion of the proceeds will go into supporting the infrastructure for the free service.

Anyway more details will be forthcoming next week. For the time being here’s a screenshot of the SIP Sorcery switchboard processing a couple of calls (the icons were whipped by me on my tablet and are for the beta test only, the final version will have a proper graphic designer’s polish).

SIP Sorcery Switchboard User Interface