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Switchboard and Web Site

I’m happy to announce the SIP Sorcery Switchboard is finally ready for alpha testing. It’s taken twice as long as I thought and there is still more work to do but at this point I’m happy with the call handling and update mechanisms and am interested to see what experience others have.

As part of the Switchboard testing I’ve also put together a Getting Started Guide that should be enough to get people started. There are some minor dial plan modifications that need to be made but after that it should be simple and intuitive to use, if not let me know.

In order to make the new application easily accessible I’ve finally gotten around to putting together a very basic web site. It’s extremely simple and light on content, which sometimes isn’t a bad thing. Over time I’ll add to the Help and FAQ sections to make the whole service a bit easier to grasp for new users. If anyone notices any problems with the new site please let me know. For people who prefer to stick to the old portal page it’s still available at Old Portal.

For anyone that wants to dive straight in the Switchboard application is ready and waiting at Switchboard although it is strongly recommended that you take at least a cursory glance over the getting started guide.

For help and support I’ve created a new Switchboard Forum and for any feedback or improvements regarding the application please email them to