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New SIP Sorcery Account Auction

Each time I’m forced to shut down new sipsorcery account sign ups I get a bunch of email requests asking for a new account to be set up. In the past I’ve been able to say just wait a few days and signups will be re-enabled. However this time that’s not going to happen in a hurry as there’s no easy way to milk more capacity out of the existing sipsorcery deployment.

As such I’ve decided to see if an auction process for new accounts will gain any traction. The merits of the approach are that it provides a way to control the rate of new signups and if the accounts get auctioned for more than $0.30 Australian dollars (the eBay fee) then it will also be able to contribute towards the sipsorcery running costs and perhaps at some point even generate enough for an additional server.

To start with I’ve just put a single account up for auction put if it works out I plan to add another 10 or so accounts. After that I’ll make sure the server is handling for a small period of time and if so the auction will be repeated.

new SIP Sorcery account auction