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Announcing – huge thanks to Tropo!

Recently Tropo very generously donated a hosted server to the sipsorcery project. In the intervening period I’ve been testing out different ways to see how to make best use of the server. The initial plan I’ve come up with is to have a separate service running under The demo system is identical to the main sipsorcery system except for these caveats:

1. There is no registration agent running so SIP provider registrations are not supported,
2. There is a daily call limit of approximately 25 calls for any 24 hour period enforced,
3. Accounts are going to operate on a revolving door policy. Once the capacity of the server is reached a new account signup will result in the oldest account being turned off.

The motivation behind the caveats comes primarily down to preventing fraudulent SIP behaviour and to have a service that will allow new users to test out the sipsorcery features.

When the original sipsorcery server was open for new accounts I was spending more and more time detecting and shutting down accounts that were trying to crack SIP provider passwords or were being unfriendly with their call traffic. That time has pretty much been reduced to nil now that people have to purchase an invite code. This is not surprising as a PayPal/eBay transaction will leave more of a trail than fraudsters generally like to leave so the sipsorcery service is not that attractive for their activities anymore.

The registration and daily call limits on the service are because I don’t want to go back to a situation where I spend more time being a policeman than a programmer!

The details of the demo system are:

SIP Server:
Web Page Portal:

I do expect a few teething issues so if anyone encounters any problems please post on the forums.

And again a big thanks to Tropo for providing the hardware and support for the demo system and hopefully allowing a few more people to get a taste of sipsorcery.