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Most Popular Call Destinations

A couple of months ago I got inspired to muck around a bit with Google’s Analytics service thinking it would be a good way to collect some interesting statistics on the sipsorcery service. So I wired up a handy little .Net library called GaDotNet into the sipsorcery application servers and started collecting the host portion of each SIP URI. In this day and age of highly sensitive privacy concerns I realise that may worry some sipsorcery users but I have made sure the tiny bit of information collected is anonymous and if an IP address that didn’t belong to a SIP Provider showed up in any graph I would not publish it.

The Google Analytics graph illustrating the 10 most popular call destinations for sipsorcery for the last month is shown below.

It’s not particularly exciting but it’s interesting for anyone who may want to track their own statistics or events from their sipsorcery dialplan. If there is any interest I can add a new method to the sipsorcery dialplan. It does take a little bit to work out how Google Analytics works for event tracking so for anyone considering it be aware there is a little bit of research to do.