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SIP Sorcery Free Accounts

Free accounts have been re-enabled on as part of the move of the service to a freemium model.

The free accounts come with:

  • Unlimited SIP accounts,
  • One SIP Provider (registration enabled),
  • One Dial Plan.

There are some limitations attached to the free accounts to limit the resources they can consume and also to reduce the ability of the accounts to be used for fraudulent purposes which unfortunately occurs quite a bit. The limitations are:

  • The dial plan is limited to a single execution instance (note that a dial plan execution instance is not the same thing as a simultaneous call which are unlimited),
  • The dial plan database access functions are disabled. Those functions are a favourite for fraudsters to use to generate usernames and passwords to try against providers,
  • The old mysipswitch dial string formats that allow the username and password to be specified are not supported. Again due to the attention of fraudsters.

Due to free accounts being available on the system has been shut down.