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Special offer for Beta users until 31 July 2011

In recognition of the valuable feedback and in some cases assistance to other users that Beta users have provided I have created a special offer for anyone that wants to convert to a Premium account. For a $50 once off payment (no subscription required) Beta users can purchase 2 years of a SIP Sorcery Premium service. This compares to the normal price of $35/year and represents nearly 30% off.

The Premium service has unlimited SIP Providers, SIP Dial Plans and access to all Dial Plan functions. From the 1st of Aug 2011 Beta accounts will be treated the same as Free accounts and subject to a single SIP Provider, a single SIP Dial Plan and not able to access some Dial Plan functions.

Please note the offer will only last until the 31st July 2011. After that date any Premium account upgrades will be at the normal price.

The link to the offer is below. Note you’ll be prompted to login and the offer will only show up for Beta users:

Beta Users Special Offer