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Get Call Detail Records (CDR) script

I had a query today about programmatic access to SIPSorcery CDRs. In fact access has been available for a couple of years via the provisioning service. I have posted some previous samples about accessing the provisioning web service but not a specific one using Ruby and SIPSorcery CDRs so here it is.

require 'httpclient'

puts "sipsorcery get CDRs sample"

provisioningURL = ""
myUsername = "yourusername"
myPassword = "yourpassword"

client =
resp = client.get_content("#{provisioningURL}customer/login?username=#{myUsername}&password=#{myPassword}")
authID = resp.delete('"')
puts "authID=#{authID}"

resp = client.get_content("#{provisioningURL}getcdrscount", nil, "authID" => authID)
puts "get CDRs count response=#{resp}"

resp = client.get_content("#{provisioningURL}getcdrs?offset=0&count=3", nil, "authID" => authID)
puts "get CDRs response=#{resp}"

client.get_content("#{provisioningURL}customer/logout", nil, "authID" => authID)

puts "finished"

For the sample to work you will need to download the certificate authority for the SSL certificate used on the SIPSorcery site and copy it into the same directory you run the Ruby script from. The certificate authority file is needed because openssl, which Ruby uses, doesn’t recognise the signing authority as valid even though in my case I had the whole certificate authority chain installed in my trusted certificates store. If anyone knows a way to get openssl to recognise the SSL certificate without having to resort to using ssl_config.set_trust_ca option I’d be very interested to know.