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Simple Wizard Enhancements including Highrise Integration

A new version of the Simple Wizard is now available. The SIPSorcery Silverlight portal with the new changes is version (the version is displayed in the top left hand corner when the portal is first loaded).

The changes are:

  • Rules can now be disabled,
  • Incoming rules can now be applied for Any call, for calls to a specific SIP account, for calls from a specific SIP provider or by a regular expression match on the called SIP URI,
  • A new Highrise Lookup command is available for incoming calls. This command allows a caller to be looked up in a 37signals¬†Highrise instance (Highrise is a contact management application).

Rule Disabling

The disabling of rules is self-explanatory. Disabling a rule will prevent it from being used when processing a call. Re-enabling the rule will cause it to be used again.

Incoming Rule Matching

The incoming rule matching is now more powerful and flexible. The Any option will match all incoming calls (although caller ID and time matching are subsequently applied and could result in the rule not matching a call). The ToSIPAccount option requires a specific SIP account to be selected and will cause the rule to only match incoming calls to that SIP account. The Regex option allows a regular expression¬†to be applied to the incoming call’s SIP URI (Uniform Resource Identifier, the equivalent of an email address for SIP).

The final option is ToSIPProvider and can be used to match calls that have been received from a specific SIP provider. The way this option works is that the incoming SIP URI must be in a specific format of “provider” for example “” where blueface is the provider name and aaron is the username of the SIPSorcery account. In order for the SIP URI on received calls to be in the required format it will need to be set on the Register Contact for the provider. An additional update will be coming soon which will set that format as the default on new SIP provider entries but in the meantime it will need to be set manually.

Highrise Lookups

The HighriseLookup command is a new one that will be useful to people who already manage their contacts in a Highrise instance. By setting a Highrise URL and authentication token in the Simple Wizard command parameters the SIPSorcery application server will lookup the contact in the Highrise instance and if found it will set the display name on the SIP From header of subsequent forwarded calls. The command is primarily designed to be used with a new version of the Switchboard that’s coming soon but it may also be useful for anyone with an IP Phone or softphone that has enough screen space to show the display name on incoming calls.