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SIPSorcery web site is moving

The SIPSorcery web site and web services will be moving to a new server within the next few days. As a few people have noted the current web site hosting arrangements are not ideal with regular interruptions due to the site getting “recycled” by the host due to “excessive resource utilisation”. Apparently the issue relates to the connections from the Silverlight client Console page which repeatedly poll the SIPSorcery SIP servers for new messages.

To overcome the issue the web sites will be moved onto a new virtual machine that is physically next to the SIPSorcery SIP servers.

There should be minimal disruption as a result of the web site move since the change will be automatically propagated by DNS hence no action by SIPSorcery users is required. For any one that requires it the IP address of the new web server will be No changes are being made to the SIP services and they will be unaffected by the move.