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SIP Server Migration

The SIPSorcery SIP server will be moving to a new virtual machine instance tomorrow, Thursday 8 Jan 2015, at 0200 PST. There will be a brief disruption to the SIP services of approximately 5 to 10 minutes  while the IP address is switched over. The reason for the migration is to move to a more up to date operating system version. No user action is required. The existing IP address will continue to be used on the new virtual machine.

Intermediate Certificate for Provisioning Service has changed

The SSL certificate for the sipsorcery web server ( has been updated. Unfortunately GoDaddy signed the new certificate with a different intermediate certificate. This doesn’t impact browsers but anyone using the web services from Ruby may need to reference a different certificate bundle file. The new bundle can be downloaded from here.

SIPSorcery web site is moving

The SIPSorcery web site and web services will be moving to a new server within the next few days. As a few people have noted the current web site hosting arrangements are not ideal with regular interruptions due to the site getting “recycled” by the host due to “excessive resource utilisation”. Apparently the issue relates to the connections from the Silverlight client Console page which repeatedly poll the SIPSorcery SIP servers for new messages.

To overcome the issue the web sites will be moved onto a new virtual machine that is physically next to the SIPSorcery SIP servers.

There should be minimal disruption as a result of the web site move since the change will be automatically propagated by DNS hence no action by SIPSorcery users is required. For any one that requires it the IP address of the new web server will be No changes are being made to the SIP services and they will be unaffected by the move.

Price Increases

The prices for new SIP Sorcery plans have today been increased to $69/year for a Premium plan and $199/year for a Professional plan.

Part of the increase is due to the extra features now included in the plans. Both now include the use of the online Switchboard which previously was only available as a separate add on. The Professional plan also has a new Real-time Call Control and Billing feature that allows sub-accounts to be created for managing calls on behalf of a small to medium VoIP business.

Existing customers with a PayPal subscription set up for renewing their account will be entitled to remain on the price that they signed up with.

SIPSorcery REST Provisioning Service

The SIPSorcery REST provisioning service is now publicly available. More information can be found on the Provisioning Help page.

The service allows the management of SIP Account and SIP Provider resources from your favourite programming language.

Server Migration – 17th June 2012 at 0200 PST

The SIPSorcery server will be moving to a new host in one week on Sunday the 17th of June 2012 at 0200 PST. The move is to take advantage of some synergies with another SIP service, there will be more information on that further down the track. The consequence of the server move will be that the IP address of the service will change from to Ideally all users should be using and it’s recommended that anyone that may have configured their device with the SIPSorcery server’s IP address now switch to the host name.

For users that are using NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. For users that want to use the IP address then you will need to update your devices to use to the new IP address AFTER the 17th of June. Both the old and new servers will both work up until the the 21st of June 2012 after which the old IP address and server will be de-commissioned.

During the migration their will be a short outage of between 15 and 20 minutes while the database is migrated to the new server. The SIPSorcery Twitter account will be updated prior to and subsequent to the migration.

If anyone has any concerns regarding the migration please email


Voice Biometrics

Voxeo announced an initiative last week for voice biometrics which means being able to authenticate a caller based on their voice.

I gave it a spin using PerSay and after sorting out a tiny problem with the VXML referencing the wrong IP address the demo application worked exactly as specified. If anyone wants to try it out it can be reached on

[source language=”Ruby”]
when /^234$/ then sys.Dial("") # PerSay voice biometrics application.

The flow of the application is:

  • You will be asked to enter an ID using your phone’s keypad (don’t use 123456 as that’s the ID I used),
  • After the ID has been entered the application requests you to speak 0 to 9 three times to complete the enrollment process,
  • After the enrollment is complete hangup and then redial and this time after entering your ID you will be asked to speak 0 to 9 once and the PerSay server will authenticate your voice.

Ideally I’d like to have a voice biometrics application that didn’t need a numeric ID and could authenticate based on arbitrary conversation. That would make the process quicker and more flexible and open up applications such as being able to translate calls on the fly and associate each caller to a known identity.

Time to turn off and transfers now enabled on

I plan to turn off the server in the next couple of days. It has served it’s purpose of verifying a multi-server deployment and of SQL Azure integration. If anyone wants to preserve any information they have in the sipwizard system please do so within the next 24 hours (by midnight Monday 11 Jan 2010 UTC).

I have now also updated the sipsorcery system to the latest version of software which brings it up to the same state as the sipwizard system. There were a few little hiccups on the update which can be seen on the sipsorcery status graph at around Saturday 9 Jan 2010 2300 UTC. The software update also means transfers are now working, at least for the phones I have tested with, on The key point with to be aware of with sipsorcery’s handling of transfers is that blind transfers are passed through to the user agents to deal with and how different user agents handle them will vary especially if the user agent is a SIP Provider’s PBX server. Attended transfers, where the original call is put on hold and a new call dialled, are handled on the sipsorcery server and their behaviour should be a lot more predictable.

The sipsorcery system is hopefully now close to a point where it will be able to operate with redundant servers which will alleviate the outages the service has had due to the Amazon EC2 instance failing. The plan is to migrate to an SQL Azure database in the next couple of days and if all goes well with it a second sipsorcery server will be brought online shortly thereafter.